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Policy 2417
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10 Things Every School Leader Should Know About ESL Common Myths about Bilingualism Shaping the Way We Teach English: Online Language Learning Center (14 videos of best instructional practices) English Central: Membership (free) required. Easy and fast account creation. Social networking with teaching colleagues of ELLs Animated Teacher Training
Learn English Video Project

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TEFL Videos Watch and Learn in the ELL Classroom Google Translate - Translate from English to a wide variety of other languages. Copy and paste into Word, then print. Easy!! Formal and Informal ESL Assessment Considerations (Left click to view online or right click to download to your computer)
Caslon Community: (Short, easy registration required. A wealth of downloadable resources!) Understanding Language Dr. Stephen Krashen's website: All books and articles are free! Resources for ELL families and teachers Dave's ESL CafeŽ
Generating Parental Involvement
ESL Best Practices West Virginia Connections ELP/CCSS Standards Alignment There is Always OneMore Thing You Can Do! (VIDEO)
Title III — Language Instruction for Limited English Proficient and Immigrant Students Everything ESL
ELL Rights as per Dept. of Justice/Office of Civil Rights Filing a complaint with the Dept. of Justice / Office of Civil Rights        Education Update:
"Setting ELLs up for Success"
Federal Coordination & Compliance Music for ELLs Kahn Academy NEW!! Charlie's
Personal Recommendations
ELL Discrimination 
PARENTS: If your child is entitled to receive ESL services, but is not receiving them, contact your district's administration.
If you feel the need to file a complaint, click HERE.  Additional help can be found by clicking the colored cells in the table above.
                                              NEW!! PARENTS: Please complete the survey to help us improve the ESL program. Your identity will not be revealed. Translations are available.
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